Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Etsy Wish List :)

Oh Etsy, how you make me want, want want!!
I really don't ask for much on Christmas. I truly love giving...

However, these items are on my Etsy Wish List!!

A Sudrishta Handbag!

A TimberGreenWoods Bread Board

These charming appetizer plates from MaryElizabethArts!

Expresso Coffee Cups by Zuppa Atelier

 About 50 of these LetThemEatPie strawberry pie's in a jar!

Any print or original piece from Ileana Hunter's shop! I love her!

This gorgeous black and white stand from High Tea for Alice

I don't have an herbal garden but I adore these markers from Sonrisa Bay!

and last but not least, this vintage 1950's skirt from JessJamesJake!!


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