Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shop Update & Future Giveaway

 Hey guys!
Okay, I've been a bad blogger again. Ugh! I always just seem to get so wrapped up in what I'm doing...like these photos for example are new items for my

I took the photos in front of two pieces of white board, and wala!

 I think the white background makes the colors really pop out of my art!

 What do you think?

I am also thinking about doing a giveaway very soon!!
I'm not just a bad blogger...I'm a bad giveaway-er...
I still have to send out a print to a friend who won a giveaway I hosted on another blog, and finish a free custom portrait that was also won.
(I haven't forgotten, I promise!)

Nevertheless, I want to give away more free stuff!
Hope that's okay with you ;)
Still thinking about the prize...any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. I love that tree with the heart hanging from it!!

    If you're talking about me (Giveaway winner) then no worries! Seriously!! I've moved and I've been busy and haven't even thought of it and I know you're super busy too :)



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