Saturday, August 13, 2011


Oh my word, it's like a digit massacre!!

Almost all of my prices have been trimmed, cut down, severed...okay now I'm making myself queezy :/

Seriously though, I changed my Etsy Graphic Design Shop prices because, to be honest, I wasn't liking where I was. I had originally started the shop for fun, but when it started taking off I thought I had to be serious and hick up my prices. Maybe I did need to a little but I jumped too much...and it made me sad!

Well my business/personal motto has always been "people helping people"
With the prices up so high, I was only thinking of myself...

I'm leaving it in God's hands and just having fun again!

So here are some examples of the new pricing:


Check it out right now and let me know what you think.
Be honest, I can handle it! I want to know what you think and your input!
Thanks for being such beautiful, awesome bloggies!!
I love ya'll...
In fact, keep your eyes peeled for a new giveaway coming up soon...what's it going to be? I can't tell you, then it won't be a secret silly! You'll have to just wait and see :)

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