Thursday, June 9, 2011

Schedule Fail ---- New Design Updates

Hey guys!!

So I officially feel like this new schedule thingy that I started is an ultimate fail hahaha
Not that it wasn't a good idea, I mean, I did make it up...but it just constrains the blog too much and I really just want it to be light-hearted and fun, no boundaries as far as topics and such...

I still would love to do Fabric Fridays, but have them be random, and the same goes for when I feature cool people and their blogs/shops. If I try and stick to a schedule on this thing, I think I will go nuts LOL

Those of you who have blog schedules, more power to you! I know its great organizing stuff and helping readers know what is next, but frankly, I can't do that. Being the way that I am, I don't know what God is going to do in my life and I don't want to confine this blog into my own expectations...

So, yeah, the schedule as of now is dead!!! Yayy!!! I feel free already :)
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been busy with shop stuff and custom orders...

Here is what I have been up to!!

This is my first custom branding package! yay!
It is simple and easy for those who just need the basics or upgrade their current shop look.
This package includes a custom banner with matching avatar AND matching business card design!
All .jpeg images of the highest quality. The business cards you can print at home or take it somewhere...
neat huh?

Can I just say how much I am loving my $3 premade banner idea??
Would that be boastful?? Oh well, I do anyways!!
I am starting to incorporate banners with real photos that I have taken.
Me & photography have had an affair for a while...
but don't tell my computer and paint brushes!

Also from real photos I have taken...


Doesn't it look great in a shop??


Introducing a new design: Vintage Retro Woman Banner & Avatar Set!
The text can obviously be custom changed and you choose the font style...
isn't she pretty?
Would love your thoughts on where my shop designs are going
and if you have any ideas for
new products and services...
send em' my way :)

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