Monday, June 20, 2011

Fresh lobster, Fresh air, Fresh inspiration

Check out that balcony view! Oh yeah...
In celebration of our two year wedding anniversary, Jonathan and I headed to our fav spot...Rockport MA!
We go there every year but this time we took our baby girl Jackie with us...

We all had a blast. I can go on and on (just ask my husband) so I am going to stop talkin' and start postin'.
WARNING: You may start to feel a little pinch. That is called jealousy. But don't worry, it is curable with a dose of "Get Over It."

 One of my fav shops: The Paper Mermaid. Cute prints, whimsical notecards and filled with all sorts of random products and toys...all bright and fun!
 My other fav shop: The Blue Lantern! Gorgeous asian inspired garments, handbags, sunglasses, shoes and more. They also have a big display of asian fashion dolls which are so awesome.
 Isn't this dog the funniest thing you've ever seen? His owner said when she starts up the scooter,
he runs and gets the goggles!
 Cool pinwheel flowers! Hm, anyone want to try and make a tutorial for these?

Ahhh...what a weekend...


  1. I wanna go shooopppping!!!

  2. Haha right!! These little cute shops are so much fun...the photos don't do them justice lol


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