Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introducing my "Ladylike Simplicity Collection"

 "Brunette Lace"

 "Teen Love"

"Lavender Brush"

"Glorious Twist"

You know how I've been so obsessed with painting hair lately?
Yeah, it's official...I am addicted! And I don't want help haha

I am just loving the freedom of these pieces and the ideas are just flowing naturally...so, naturally, I will let them flow :)

"Ladylike Simplicity" is a collection of work with classic line, feminine style and a touch of color. These pieces incorporate sophistication, fashion and of course, hair!
Right now I only have 8x10s available, but there
is more to come...

I am sooo excited about these, hope you guys like!
You can check out the listings by clicking on
the image you want...
the last print is a freebie, a little tease of what is to come!

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