Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exclusive New Print! Today Can Be The Day....

My new print, in my Etsy shop right now! I have been wanting to have some positive quotes & sayings for prints for a while and finally have one up...

What do you think? I'd love to know!!

Also, stay tuned for my FIRST EVER GIVE-AWAY!
I'll be giving away my personal copy of a fantastic book on how to make it in the handmade market, written by the many handmade greats...full details coming soon, you'll just have to wait hehe


  1. pretty wonderful!

    how well do you do in the text print market? I have a bunch of ideas...just kind of suck at la photoshopa.

  2. Thanks Mikey :)

    I do love working with photoshop, hence why my latest items have been all graphics and designs. I love painting, but digital painting is so much fun too...def getting into the text thing, convo me anytime, we can talk about what is on your mind...and I will brace myself hehe ;)


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