Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Create A "Wall Scrapbook Journal"

My current "wall scrapbook journal" (always a work in progress)

Before I talk about what I wanted to, er, talk about, I don't know about you but I am lovingggg my new blog design & layout! It took a couple of hours but I needed to focus on what I really wanted. When your mind is exploding with gagillion-point-millions of ideas daily, trying to pin point on just one design is like trying to choose which chocolate to eat first in those heart-shaped candy boxes (FYI: I usually eat the ones with cherry or strawberry filling first)

To find motivation when you work from home can seem like a nightmare: a never ending tunnel of chores or pure laziness. But when I need to work, I have to have a little prep first. Remember all those gagillion-point-millions of ideas floating around in my skull? Yeah, I need to take things by steps :)

I was so tired of an empty work space that I remembered a very theraputic time in my life when I really needed to speak out. So, I created a "wall scrapbook journal." What is this you ask? Oh but the best thing I have ever done! I constantly had a journal and sketchbook by my side since probably I was in the womb. But I needed to visually see what inspired me and not just write about it in a bunch of pages that were slammed between covers.

See, isn't this so cool?!
The very first wall journal I created helped me through a very rough spot in my life. To build myself back up, I would add something that inspired me to my wall journal every day: a poem I wrote or read, special quotes/sayings, favorite bible scriptures, photos of my happiest moments...you get what I mean. I made it my goal to at least add one thing per day.
And every morning when I woke up, ta-da! There was my inspiration plastered right in front of my eyes. It felt like a refreshing breeze throughout my being. It really ministered and healed my heart. This is the second one that I have made and I am constantly encouraged everyday by it!

So, do you have a spot in your studio for your own "wall scrapbook journal?" Or an piece of unused canvas/wooden board just lying around that you can decorate, dress up then mound? Make your own! Trust me, you will not be sorry. All you really need are the following items:

~ Scrap pieces of paper (all different sizes/colors/patterns)
~ Glue Stick/Scotch Tape or Mounting Putty
~ Markers/Pens/Colored Pencils
~ A ton of inspiring photos from your childhood & now
(you can always scan them and print them out for the wall if you don't want to mess up the originals)
~ Cool magazine cutouts, both pictures and words
~ A list of your favorite quotes/sayings/scripture etc.
~ Old & new poems
~ Whatever else inspires you :)

For the background, I took large pieces of colored paper that I had left over from my senior year in hs. I used the mounting putty to adhere them to the wall (the putty is so easy, strong and doesn't take the paint off! You can find it very affordable at Lowe's or Home Depot) When I was done I had my very own enormous piece of paper to go crazy with!

Now it's decorating time. There is no right or wrong way, just your own way. This is about what inspires you, so take a moment to just gaze over the items you have and the wall. Try and think of it as one big scrapbook page. Then go!! GO, GO, GO!

Use the tape and the glue to paste up that photo from your wedding, the song lyrics that got you through a bad break-up, cutout hearts and stars, take a purple marker and write in bubble letters that quote you liked on "Glee."
Oh and please, if you end up creating one, send me some pictures!
You can email them to me at: artbyjacy@yahoo.com
I may even post some if I get some :)

The possibilities are endless. And so will be your inspiration.
Have fun!!


  1. What a cool idea! I certainly need something like that to focus my "monkey mind" which is always jumping from one thing to another. Great idea!

  2. Thanks! I am glad you like it. It really takes everything you have inside and allows you to let it out. Plus I believe it is like a "visual therapy" for our creative health.

    PS: Love you blog! I will be linking to it on here if you don't mind :)



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