Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My New Book!

Okay, so I really haven't been posting like I said I would...bad girl Jacy! *slaps hand*

I think I wasn't realistic about my goals, and I need to start being careful about things that I promise. Especially to myself! Actually, it is easy to get caught up in life and what projects you have, and forget the important things in life.

I am taking a little break from posting anything new on Etsy right now. I feel I have plenty of items available, and I just don't have what it takes financially to run the shop the way I need to. Plus, there are other off line projects I am working on.

Cue in the idea for my book! So, its actually not on anything art wise, but it is on a much deeper level and shows a side of me that I want people to see. The part that God has prepared.
My book is called "The Palace Keepers." It speaks about emotional purity, and how in today's Christian society we really don't speak about it much. There is always talk about saving yourself physically for marriage, but nothing really about saving your heart for marriage.

The main point of the book is to help you see those impurities inside your own heart, in your emotions and actions, and turn them over to the Lord. It also is geared to help us see that when we give another person control over our emotions, that person ends up having control over us! The key to being The Palace Keeper of your heart is to hand control over to God, and allow Him to dictate your responsibilities.

I have developed an interactive website and would love for you to be involved! My goal with this is to raise awareness of what God has put on my heart, and grow anticipation for the book. It also is a motivator for me to speak openly about the subject and gather information in my research.

So please take a moment to visit the website "The Palace Keepers." There you will find a full explanation on what the book is about, free online polls for my research and a forum waiting to be used for questions and fellowship!

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