Thursday, December 2, 2010

Honey, I'm home!

This is my first post ever on our new blog! Exciting huh?
I have been planning on creating one for a while, but just never had the time. Wouldn't ya know it, I lost my job this morning! So now I have plenty of time!

For the most part, its a scary situation. However, I am a firm believer in a Creator that has everything under His control. To me, losing my job is just what I needed to get a swift kick into the business of being my own boss. My husband would say that I have been in that business for years...but I'm talking about the art business

As I shuffled into the house after receiving my last paycheck, I couldn't help but grin to myself. I have been dreaming of this moment, only I was the one who left on my own terms. Yet I can't say it didn't feel good.
For me, I have been creative and artsy-fartsy all of my life. I never dreamed about doing anything else. 
Life and time got in the way, and I found myself sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day bored and angry.

Yes, angry. I knew that was not me. I am not an office type or a 9-5 type. I'm a crazy art geek from Connecticut who started doodling on her schoolwork in the third grade, designed fashion through middle school, took every art course in high school and always knew that she was meant for more.
In life we have to do what we have to do to pay the bills and get by another day. But I am so ready to put my all into this and expand the boundaries of creativity.

Maybe you've been there or are there. You know what I'm talking about because you felt the same way at some point. You had dreams and passion about something. What happened? Why did you let it go?
I can tell you one thing. We are not meant to be on this earth forever, and I don't want to spend my precious moments grumbling and reciting "What if?"

How about these questions: What if you make it? What if your dreams come true? What if you finally love what you do? What if you succeed?
Well then, you win. It may be difficult financially and it may be hard mentally, but the one important thing you will lose if you don't try is your self-worth. Aren't you worth more than just "a job?" Are you worth more than holding a negative rain cloud over your head at a 9-5? Are you worth catching your own dreams?

You may not think so, but I do. Keep your head up, stay positive and remember you are the boss of your life.
So this is my thought of the day for you right now:
*Don't settle on the moon when you can reach for the stars*


  1. May wonderful new things come your way.

  2. It's so great to see how positive you are. Keep it up and work hard!

    Btw I'm Lina, from linascorner on Etsy :)

  3. Good luck with your new direction. I realised I was living the dream when I "eavesdropped" on a conversation on facebook. One of my customers had been asked about a photo. "Did you make it?" she was asked. She replied "No, it was made by Niftyknits, a professional meerkat knitter" LOL!

  4. I am so excited about your blog! Looks great! You are a special person with special talents and have a way with words to top it off! Things will happen for you!

  5. Aw thanks Christi! I really appreciate that :)


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