Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tutorials: 2 Dutch Braided Hairstyles

Hey, friends - It's Lizzie here, and I am so excited to show you all how to recreate these fun and easy dutch braided hairstyles. I am a little baffled by how braids are still "the thing". It seems to me like they are here to stay, but I mean I am not complaining. I enjoy adding a braid to my hair to make it pop. 

Recently I have been into dutch braids. I have been incorporating dutch braids in most of hairstyles. They are fun, easy, and you can actually spot them in my dark hair. Sounds like a dream. The best thing about these hairstyles is that they are not time consuming. This leaves you with extra time to do some important brewing some tea, reading a book, or having some doughnuts. Yum! 

Well anyway lets get started!

Hairstyle #1:

Step 1: Grab a section from the front of your hair. This is going to be our massive dutch braid. 

Step 2: Separate this section into three different sections, and begin french dutch braiding. 

*A french dutch braid is the same as a regular french braid. The only difference is that instead of bringing the outer edges over the top towards the middle, you will be bringing the outer edges underneath towards the middle. 

Step 3: Continue braiding until you reach the end of your hair. 

Step 4: Secure with an elastic. 

Step 5: Tug on the dutch braid to make it appear thicker and fuller. 

*I stopped halfway because it makes it easier for me to tug on my hair, but you can continue all the way down and tug after you have braided your hair completely

Step 6: Tug away until your braid is nice and thick. 

Step 7: Grab the end of your braid and roll it around in a bun. Grab bobby pins, and you are done! 

Yay! Wasn't that easy? I like this hairstyle because the dutch braid gives it an edgy look.
 Hairstyle #2:

Step 1: Part your hair to one side. I made my part a little deeper than usual because I wanted my braid to be noticeable. 

Step 2: Grab a section from the front of hair on the side that has most hair. 

Step 3: Separate this section into three sections and create your french dutch braid.

Step 4: Braid all the way until you reach the end and secure with an elastic. 

Step 5: Tug on this braid to make it thicker.

Step 6: Grab a section from the crown of your head. You are going to create a half-do.

Step 7: Bobby pin the section you grabbed and create your half-do. 

*This adds volume to the crown of your head. If you have straight hair like I do, we need all the volume we can get.

Step 8: Grab the remaining hair and create a low bun. 

Step 9: Secure your bun with bobby pins

Step 10: Wrap the braid around the bun and secure with bobby pins. 

Then, walk out confidently knowing that you are having a great hair day.

That's a wrap!

I love these braided undos more than the traditional updo because of the dutch braids. I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle tutorial, now go and have some tea, while you read your books, and munch on some doughnuts because you have the extra time to do so.

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  1. I can't see any of the pictures...wahhh! :(

    1. That's weird. I can see them on my laptop and phone. Maybe there's something active that's blocking images on your end? Sorry Michelle!

    2. Fixed! Can you see them now? Let me know thanks!


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