Sunday, February 1, 2015

3 Reasons Why We're Blogging Again

Hey beauties! Can you believe it's 2015? Whoa. This blog has been around since 2010 and there have been so many changes...all for the better. I've learned a lot in 5 years of online shop owning, blogging, social media mastery. Back in September of 2014 I made the decision to change all my blogging to Instagram. It was an amazing move and have made some incredible friends there! It will still be the main way to see what goes on behind Hello Awesome, sneak peeks at new projects, what's on my studio desk and any deals going on for our customers.

Last month I really started to think about transforming this space (again). So here are 3 main reasons why Hello Awesome is blogging here (again)!

I can't help but see the enormous potential our blog can have. My goal has always been to inspire young ladies to pursue God with their whole hearts, lead holy lives according to His Word and embrace the gifts we've been given. Our shop has expanded and people are starting to notice what Hello Awesome is about. I would love this blog to be part of that outreach! To be able to inspire your heart through modest fashion, Christian principles, DIY tutorials, home decor projects and more. Bringing forth positive messages in a world that's gone only makes sense to do what is necessary to preserve this space and make it into something amazing!

Admit it. Life is hard. I often forget why I'm doing certain things and for what purpose. Another reason why Hello Awesome is blogging again is because we have a vision. We see so many young ladies lost in the waves of this world and we picture a better way. For us all to support each other and become a great group of world changers. Embracing more positive insights, cutting down on negativity and binding together in Jesus' Name. God has given each of us a purpose and a plan. I truly believe that through blogging, Hello Awesome can encourage the vision of God to be made manifest in your life...and ours.

Lastly it is my deepest desire to create a community of love, hope, purity, modesty and honesty through Hello Awesome. A community of young ladies not afraid to take a stand for righteousness. A community of young ladies ready to go when God says go. A community of young ladies who respect themselves, have higher standards in life, hearts in love with Jesus and minds set to make a difference. To say "hello" to the "awesome" things that God has for us! Together. A community of imperfect yet beautiful young ladies praying together, encouraging one another, uplifting the heaviness we all feel.

Doesn't that sound amazing?
This is only the beginning! I've enlisted the help of some amazing and talented blog contributors who will bring forth content that will inspire you in all aspects of your life. Thank you for sticking by this blog, through all the changes. I invite you to join the growing Hello Awesome community on Instagram and continue to follow us here. Also visit the shop to see all the new goodies!

Please tell me...what would you like to see here? What inspires you?

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