Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration Board: Coral + Gold

For the love of gold, look at it! Coral and gold are the two hottest colors right now and honestly, I don't like to jump onto bandwagons but my goodness these colors rock.It took me a while to warm up to coral because I never thought of it as a real color haha You know, it was just like a pretty accent here or there but never really the focus. So I'd love to open this board up as a group board so you beauties can pin to it and find inspiration in one place! Pinterest group boards are a great way to build community, bring traffic to your site or blog and gain Pinterest followers.

If you're interested in becoming a group member for this board, just leave your email address in the comments below! I'll send you an invitation to join the board and start pinning away.

Don't forget to click on the widget above for more beautiful Coral + Gold inspiration!
Just for fun, here are two Pinterest group boards I'm part of.

Blog Tour started by +Happy Wives Club :

Contributor Board started by +Melanie Salinas :

Are you a member of any group boards?


  1. I love your inspiration board! That is such a great idea for Pinterest! I might steal it! :-).

    1. Enjoy it, girl! I'd love to have you join as a member so you can pin to it. Just need an email address to send the invite :)


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