Monday, March 11, 2013

Six Piece Remix: Finding YOUR Style

It all started when I saw my girl Danielle over at Framed Frosting post something about finding your style and some sort of a challenge. Hm...that got my attention!

You see, I've always loved clothes. In fact, I used to study fashion design in Boston but lasted a good six months. What can I say? The industry just wasn't for me but I still loved to draw fashion. I don't regret leaving but I had a blast checking out the sweet little clothing stores and shops on Newbury Street.

I love deals and won't pay for anything full price. There really is NO point and I'd rather wait for it to go on sale or just shop thrift stores looking for a similar piece. Though I love to draw fashion. when it comes to drawing up what I like, well, my tastes have changed since my Boston days. Part of that is when my life changed due to a deep, spiritual experience, then everything I liked before I didn't like anymore. I had NO idea what my style was!!

Six years later {I'm not making this up! The number "six" really does relate to my life}, I think I am finally figuring it out. I mean, really, do we ever settle on a style? Probably not. But I have been growing tired of what I've been calling "my style" and tired of all of my clothes. I feel like I need a change. So when I read about the Six Piece Remix, I was SO in.

What is the Six Piece Remix?

I would encourage you to head over to Danielle's blog right here to read the original post, but I will briefly explain. It's taking six pieces you already have and remixing it with some other pieces to create an all new outfit. That's it! Easy, simple, in your own closet.

Okay, now here are MY six pieces for the remix:

I absolutely LOVE this piece but just have not figured out HOW to wear it. Part of that is because this is suppose to be a dress but it's way too short for my liking. I don't like wearing any skirt/dresses above my knees. My taste in clothing is very modest because it's a reflection of my faith. But I seriously love polka dots!!

I know what you're thinking. This pinstriped suit jacket from Charlotte Russe should be super easy to style, what is my problem. Well, studying fashion, you learn what fits and doesn't. {{Tip: If you have a slim frame {like me}, you want more buttons in a jacket. If you are wider, less buttons look best. I'd say 3-4 buttons for a smaller frame, 1-2 buttons for a wider frame.}} So my point? This has ONE button! And you can tell it looks off...but I think it is so cute. I know you feel my pain.

This skirt is also from Charlotte Russe and I fell in love with the pattern! So fun and colorful. My sister in law added the red piece at the bottom for me. My husband actually bought this for me while we were dating. It's a funny story, involves one declined card and one embarrassed boyfriend! Luckily we figured out it was declined because he had bought too much that day and not because there wasn't money in his account. Phew.
Anyway, trying to style this is difficult because the red is so different. But I need to try!

Yes this is my shirt,  not my husband's on the hanger. I love collared shirts. I think they are super classy and professional looking but on a casual day, I lose how to style them. Hence why there are two in this challenge. This is so nice, I'd love to incorporate it with some fun pieces.

This was another present from my man {isn't he great?} I adore the pink and silver combo! The back also has these amazing pleats. However the buttons don't continue high enough and that has left me stumped. And sad. I want to wear this more, especially to church.

Again, I know what you're thinking. This is a plain white top, what is the deal Jacy?! I don't know why but I can never figure out how to wear this top! I am not *cough* busty *end cough*
I feel sometimes tops are my problem because of this. Hence why I only have one skirt in this challenge, hence why I keep saying hence. Blah...I know I can do something with this just what!

There you have it. My six pieces for this remix challenge. I am so excited!! I cannot wait to dig deep into my closet/dresser and unearth something mind blowing.
What about you? Are you up for the challenge?

I'll have this cute little button on my sidebar in case you are and it will bring you right over to Danielle's challenge. Come back next week to see how I style piece number one!!


  1. How short is the polka dot dress? I have a extender slip that I wear with things that are too short. It's basically a skirt or a slip with a ruffle, piece of lace, or eyelet, whatever, around the bottom. You can wear it under a dress so it's longer and they are so cute! They are easy to make too :)

    1. It is about an inch or so above my knees. An extender slip, yes! I've heard of them. I totally want to make one now haha
      Do you think you can email me some pics of yours? And maybe some tips on how to make them? You've got this creative mind going! :)
      Thanks Michelle!

      *Email is:

  2. I'm so excited to see the outfits you come up with using these six pieces! I especially love that you picked a black striped blazer. I own one too and definitely don't get as much wear out of it as I thought I would!

    Framed Frosting

  3. I love the skirt that you chose, can't wait to see what you've done with it!! I just linked up with Danielle as well, so I wanted to stop by and say HI and follow along!!

    Ange from Hairspray and High Heels

  4. Can't wait to see what you do with the polka dot dress! You picked some great pieces!


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