Monday, August 13, 2012

To My (not-so-little) Sis...{A Letter}

Dear Leani {my forever partner in crime},
Today I was thinking about all the fun memories I have involving us. You are about to embark on a new chapter in life {mommy hood} and I couldn't resist going back in time when we were just rugrats {remember that show?! lol}

Here is a list of things that you should {or should not} do with your little guy {or girl but we won't know 'cuz you're not finding out the gender!!! *sigh* Okay I'm over it...not...} Just a few things to keep in mind:

- Concerts are super cool with Daddy {'NSync, BSB, Britney, Christina, Spice Girls, LFO...remember how we met them?! We were such POP heads haha}
- Write skits and video them! {The Blair Twitch Project...just don't use soap if you want a runny nose effect.}
- Go hiking {even if it's just in the backyard}
- Take weekend trips {Ah, good ol' Westfield, how we love thee. Thanks for the good times.}
- Build super-cool forts in the living room {just don't forget to really tuck in those sheets in between the couch cushions!}
- Have snowball fights {just watch for pieces of ice}
- Play restaurant, store, school etc {this time, YOU get to be the cook, cashier, or teacher lol}
- Blast music and dance like no one is watching {and video it for blackmail footage later, mauahaha}
- Have a Lemonade Stand {this time, charge tax. We totally could have been millionaires by now!}
- Climb tree and read {help them find their own reading branch :)}
- Swim all day and all night {showers not needed all summer...that's what chlorine is for!!} 
- Create a secret writing code {The Secret Sister Code will NEVER be broken. Take that, CIA. Just kidding, don't hurt us.}
- Play dress-up and fashion show {don't forget to take lots of photos for blackmail!}
- Makeup songs and perform them {don't forget to video for blackmail!}
- Be silly as much as possible, laughter does heal the deepest wounds, don't take life so seriously, blow bubbles, run through sprinklers, play badminton, play hide and go seek in the dark, play freeze tag/tv tag, watch The Goonies 184644846+ times, visit the mother island {PR}, make BIG Sat morning breakfasts and love until your heart is about the explode!

Though we did not always get along, we had some great times growing up. It's crazy to think that we are both going to be mommies together...when were we allowed to be in charge?! {Okay, maybe as the big sis, I wasn't allowed but just took over a lot...sorry about that ;) }

Congrats to my Mooch and her fiance Owen! Seeing how natural you guys look in this pic holding my David, I know you both are going to be great parents. It's going to be scary at times but so rewarding. Enjoy the early moments as much as will get sick of hearing this, but it does fly by :)

As always, I'm here for you sis. When you go through postpartum depression, I'm just a phone call away. When you want to pull out your hair because you don't know what to do, or when something funny happens that you need to share, I will always be there with you to share new memories. Love ya are going to be an awesome mom to a special little boy or girl {okay, now I'm over it!! okay, still not...}

{your big-lil sis...did I get that right?! lol}


  1. Thanks Megan! Now let's hope she reads it haha :)

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