Monday, August 6, 2012

The Palace Keepers {My Book Highlighted}

Some of you awesome peeps may have noticed the last couple of Sunday devotionals I've posted have been excerpts from my new book, The Palace Keepers. While thinking about a Monday blog post, it came to my mind that this past weekend, I received a phone call from a local pastor's wife. She had just finished reading the book and wanted me to come next month to speak to the ladies at her church...I cannot tell you the perfect timing for this phone call.

Lately, my heart has been really heavy. Like super-duper loaded. Spiritually I feel like I'm just getting by; almost like my head is completely below the water but I'm trying to breath through a straw...does that makes sense? Anyway, when I hung up the phone after she called, I felt so joyful (at least for a moment lol) It was as if Jesus was letting me know that even though I was going through tough times, He still has a calling on my life and a purpose to fulfill. Thank the Lord!

As I prepare to minister, I want to share with you a little about my book, since that's what has been on my mind:
The Palace Keepers are people who protect the purity of their hearts by, not just protecting only their heart, but their entire palace. Our palaces consist of our minds, thoughts, decisions, heart and body.  It is through the process of purifying our entire palace that we can preserve the pure and cleanliness of our heart.
God showed me that the modern Christian society has focused so much on the physical, that we are losing the basic fact that we need to watch our emotions. We cannot protect the body first and the heart second, that's a backwards system!

With The Palace Keepers book, you will learn through Bible scriptures, Bible & real life stories, thought provoking questions and insights that King Jesus is waiting for us to put Him in the Throne Room of our heart. He has called us to be our own Palace Keepers and we cannot give that job away! If we do, that means we allow other people to control our emotions and ultimately our hearts...and that can do SO much damage!

So take a moment today to pray and ask the Lord to reveal the emotional state of your heart. Have you been a good Palace Keeper or have you given that job away and need to reclaim it?
The book is available on Amazon/Kindle, which is compatible with any tablet or pc. Also in classic paperback form through my ministry website.

I'm not pushing this book for the money. There is a message that needs to be addressed and it is my job, my calling, to get it out! The purity if our hearts is so important and this book will help each of us in the process.

Have you ever heard of emotional purity?
Do you feel like you can relate to a book like this?
Would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below, please :)


  1. Participating in GFC Blog Hop for the first time! I'm your newest follower. :)


  2. Kristina, great welcome!!
    God bless you :)


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