Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What's YOUR Story? {Share a Testimony!}

I am loving these blog series that I have going on, don't you?
Well I am looking for more participants in the series entitled "This is My Story"!

Has God delivered you from a trying situation? Have you been healed by His power, covered by His grace and/or had Him answer a prayer? Would you like to have your testimony featured?

So far, I've had the privilege of sharing some amazing stories from Amy and Samantha. In this post, Amy is transparent as she discusses how God delivered her from an eating disorder & brought her true love, while Samantha shares in this post a beautiful story of redemption after dealing with a miscarriage. Real stories from real people!

Now it's YOUR turn...comment below with a brief description of what God has done in YOUR life along with your email address. 

{PS: Please don't get offended if you do not hear from me...there can be a number of reasons why.}

I can't wait to hear YOUR story & share it right here!

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