Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Craft Show Tip: Easy & Cheap Homemade Notecard Holder

 With summer being a perfect time for craft shows, many of you are probably signed up for a few of them...am I right?

I've done my share and want to let you in on a quick, easy tip that you can use for your display. This is great if you sell notecards, but with some clips, you can also attach prints, accessories, papers and other products.

What you will need:
- One large pre-stretched canvas
- Wrapping paper
- Tape
- Ribbon
- Stapler

Okay here's what you do:
1.) Wrap the canvas in the paper, tape on back
2.) Stretch the ribbon across, end to end, staple into wood. 
Cut off access.
3.) Repeat however many times top to bottom
4.) Open the notecards and hang.
5.) WALA!
(I just wanted to go to #5. Seemed right somehow...)

Now you try!!
If you do, I'd love to see :)
Email photos to artbyjacy@yahoo.com

Bye bye for now!

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