Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear David... {Prayer Works: Letter 2}

I've started a series of letters to my little baby boy, that hopefully one day he will get to read and (hopefully) be inspired by (if not embarrassed by)


I feel this letter needs to go back to a basic principle.
Mommy didn't have the same upbringing as daddy did. He was blessed enough to be brought up in the presence of God, something I did not really feel or even understand until I was 22. I had values and morals, and was God-conscience, but I had never really felt His Spirit. It all started with prayer...and that's what I'd like to talk to you about.

I am already praying that you will be a better David than the one in the Bible. Don't feel pressured, sweetie!! Mommy is not trying to say that she expects you to be this amazing warrior...actually, mommy has been praying that if you are anything of a warrior, to be a warrior of love. We know our family can be, well, prideful. Thick-headed. Stubborn. Argumentative. You know I'm talking about both sides!
You are half French and Hispanic...I feel for ya kid...
But seriously, I've been praying that all that passionate emotion will be used for God's glory! Can you imagine what would happen if we took all of the fire inside and used it for the Kingdom?
I know! So mommy has been praying that you will be different and break this vicious cycle...

You will go through trials and will have to learn the power of prayer on your own. This is not something I think I'll ever be prepared for, because learning means you have to make mistakes first. I don't want my baby boy to make mistakes! But you will...and we can pray through them together, but ultimately, you will have to establish your own prayer life.

To inspire you, mommy has a story to tell. It the year 2011 that you were conceived; actually, about a month or so before. I was a camp counselor at church camp, for the junior girls. Yeah, I know...junior girls can be a little crazy. Anyways we had this BIG tornado warning...the sky turned black and everything! It was really scary especially because we were all waiting outside in line so that we could eat. The clouds swirled over our heads and the light started to fade...
Of course, the girls started to get a little frightened. Mommy could see in their faces that they were confused and terrified. Many of their parents were miles away, and the only ones who could comfort them were the counselors. And God.
Mommy prayed a short prayer for wisdom. I had to help them get their minds off the scary stuff, even though we didn't know what was going to happen. Jesus led me to gather the girls together in a prayer circle and hold hands. Girls that didn't even like each other huddled together without thinking twice. In a calm tone, I said:

"Okay girls, we are going to pray now. I know you are scared...I am too but we know that God has all the power and can take care of us. Right?" They all nodded their heads eagerly, as water droplets started to fall from above. We closed our eyes and prayed for God to have His way...for Jesus to protect us...for the storm to pass over...for everyone to be safe...for the Lord to be with us...

Then we heard someone shout. The tornado was headed right for the camp!!
The counselors tried to keep their groups together but just as we started rushing towards the safe building, a huge crash of thunder scared everyone, and started a stampede. Kids and adults started running all over the place! The clouds opened wide and dumped about an ocean of water, in big drops and splashes!
Mommy was so nervous because she wanted her girls safe but the group had split up. All I could do was run towards the safe building, gathering up as many of my girls as I could. One girl broke down in a panic, screaming for her echoed through the harsh wind...
Once inside, every person was told to go to the basement...and wait. Thankfully everyone was accounted for. While down there, the lights flickered and we lost power multiple times. The girls were cold, wet and scared. "Oh Lord," I thought, "please keep us safe."

After what seemed like forever we finally got good news...the tornado missed the entire camp ground!!
Somehow, someway, it went right AROUND us and took a different route before disappearing. No one was injured and our families outside of the camp were okay. The girls cheered and jumped for joy!
We were given the okay to call our family, allow the kids to call theirs and then continue our schedule.

The entire time we were at the cafeteria, I could not stop smiling as I overheard the conversations of my girls. It wasn't terror they were talking about...the girls were sharing with everyone how they had prayed and their prayers were answered! I overheard one girl tell an entire table of junior boys "I was really scared, but then Sis Jacy said we were going to pray and we all held hands, and prayed, and then the tornado went away!"

It wasn't me, David. We serve the all powerful God Almighty! I only yielded to His Spirit and encouraged the girls to do the same through prayer. There is power in prayer, son! Sometimes, yes, it will feel a bit silly to you. You may feel overwhelmed, lonely, confused, self conscious and whatever else. but I want you to know that God is always with you and prayer is a way of communication. Keep the lines open and eventually the storm will pass!!

"Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation. Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto thee will I pray. My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up."
Psalms 5:1-3 

Love Always,

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  1. Simply beautiful Jacy! I am sure your son will grow to love and cherish these letters you are writing to him.


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