Monday, February 6, 2012

Preserved Ministries 1st E-book: The Palace Keepers!

Wow, my heart is pounding right out of my chest!!
It's here, it's here...well, the 1st E-book edition anyway...

I started this book about, oh, 4 years ago haha
What I thought was going to be a small book project, turned into the transformation of a lifetime! Some of you have been with me throughout the process, and have read some of my posts about me writing a book.
For most of you though, this is new to you, and I'm so excited to share it :)

What is Preserved Ministries?
Preserved Ministries is the name of my website and ministry, that's geared towards preserving the purity of ourselves for the Lord. He put it in my heart a while ago to write this book and used my own testimony as fuel. I finally completed it last year, but the actual publishing has been in the editing phase for a while.

My hope and dream with Preserved Ministries is to develop devotions and books, both physical and digital, to help encourage, educate and inspire other Christians in their walk with God. As I grow and learn through Christ, my calling has been to bring forth the inspiring word that may help you as you grow and learn.

What is The Palace Keepers?
Picture your hearts as a beautiful palace. There are a lot of wonderful treasuries inside. Many people around us want those treasures but they don't know how to take care of them the way God wants them to.
    A Palace Keeper is someone who guards the palace, monitoring who goes in and out. The Lord has established this job just for you! Why? Because it is your heart and your responsibility.

    This job means being a guard of our hearts according to the Lord's instructions. It's about making sure we have the King Jesus as our filter, sitting on the throne, helping us purify every part of our palace.

The Palace Keepers is a book about the purity of the heart and emotional purity.
This is something that I struggled with and was surprised that modern Christianity doesn't even talk about it enough!!

If you'd like to read more about my new E-book or even purchase the file, check out my official Preserved Ministries Site and Online Shop now :)

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