Thursday, January 5, 2012

Studio Thursday: Illustration Plate Photoshoot

I had so much fun shooting these plates!
Every time I create one, I just can't wait to take a photo of it.

I don't have too much to work with for wall space here at my condo. So to hang up these plates and arrange them to get that nice wall plate collage-collection effect is tough.
So I decided to just put down paper on the floor, so that I can create an illusion that they are hanging...or at least, on display somewhere where there's a nice white wall :)

I tried to arrange them like I would on a wall. Photographing a shiny surface is tricky. If I try to take the photo straight on, I''ll just get a face full of flash! Not cool. So this angle seems to work I think.

Once I upload the photos, I adjust the shadow/brightness/contrast, crop and wala!
They came out like this:

...looks like someone is just not amused or entertained by my idea...

Do you have ideas for a better way to showcase my plates?!

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