Thursday, July 14, 2011

I won the lottery!!

All technically not a real cash lottery...but I definitely hit the mother load! God is so good. It is true like the scripture says:
"Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him."
Matthew 6:8

He knows what we need before we even ask Him!
Here's the short version of the story...
I wasn't planning on doing any craft shows this year for financial reasons. I thought I'd take a break because I really couldn't afford all the up front money for supplies and display equipment.
Last weekend, Jonathan and I went to a tag sale. I found three never-opened, never-used, packets of high quality matte paper for $3 each! I use these for my prints and bookmarks. I thought maybe I could use them when I get online orders...whenever that may be lol

Then I kept getting contacted by the people who run the Suffield Craft Show. I've done it two years in a row and they wanted me back. Ugh, I thought, I guess I should just do it since I got the paper.
I made the decision to just go with it and printed my application Tues night. I started making a list of stuff I will need for displays and prepping my prints...I figured I'd scrounge around and just make stuff if I need to! I really had no money in my business acct except to pay for my booth spot.

In the morning, I usually have my prayer time. When I woke up, I went about my routine and as I ate breakfast, I did my usual email checking. I had a message from a woman who lives in CT, my state. She convo'ed me through Etsy and said she was a photographer and was moving. She went on to say that she has a lot of stuff that she is not taking with her and that she wants to donate it to someone who will use it!

I was floored! I couldn't believe what I was reading...
I must've re-read it like 100 times lol
As she stated what she was planning on giving away, it matched perfectly the list that I had just made the night before for what I needed! I had not yet prayed about it, and God already provided!

Jonathan and I that same day went to meet her and pick up the goodies :) 

Here's a brief list of what I got:
- Folding Table (been searching for this forever!)
- Table Clothes
- Cello Sleeves (a ton! I will be good for at least 1 year, seriously)
- ACEO sleeves
- Bookmark sleeves
- 2 Peg Boards
- 2 Lamps with clips
- 2 Carts with wheels & three shelves
- 2 Tabletop displays
- Cello wrap & Brown Paper Roll
- Random sized photo frames
- New & black cards & envelopes
- Print Backing
- Beautiful easel
and that's all I can think of for now!! Crazy right?

I'm just so blown away by how much God blessed me. As I was driving back home, truck filled to the brim with awesome stuff, I talked to God and thanked Him. I also made sure to let Him know that He didn't need to do this, I would've been content doing what I had to do.
But that thought brings me to this scripture:

"Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."
Psalms 37:4

Our God is truly a great Father who cares about His children :)


  1. WOW...that is an awesome testimony!! God is sooo soo soo good to us! Love this post. Be blessed!

  2. That's just wonderful to hear! Great!

  3. Yes, The Lord provides and is always in Time. Thanks for sharing...

  4. You girls are beautiful :)
    So happy I can share the great things He's done with you all!!

  5. That is just amazing! God is awesome!


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