Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Updated Website! Just call me butta' cuz I'm on a roll!

Idk if any of you have been to my official website BUT it has been getting dirty from all the trafficking feet! I mean yesterday alone I have over 25 views...that is pretty good for only being a full time artist for just a couple of months.

Here are some stills in case you haven't seen it...of course visiting the site gives you a better experience :)

(PS: The url only cost me $12 bucks for an entire year over @ & the website where I built my site is called Weebly and you can do it for free! I was able to have an entire website for under $15 dollars! How awesome is that? Need a site? Go check them out!)

The Homepage

My Bio :)

Fine Art Gallery
All of my links! If you are interested in being listed, please contact me for info


  1. how exciting, and wow how cheap.. I didnt realize you can get a site up for such a low price! I will have to look into that.. when I actually want to take on managing my own site! haha

    yours looks great!

  2. Hey Jacy, I'm coming over from Agape Love, and love your blog girl. It's totally cute, and I look forward to checking out your art, when I get some extra time. I'm always looking to support artists.


    Bella :)

  3. Maria, I know soo cheap, isn't that crazy?! It is really easy to use too. I only have to update mine every so often..

    Hey Bella, welcome sweetheart! I am happy you are joining me in my crazy little artsy fartsy world :) Stay tuned for some cool stuff...well, I least I think its cool lol

  4. Hi Jacy,

    I love your blog and your sense of humor! Adorable!

    Your art is amazing! I just know you are going to be so successful! So glad we connected!


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