Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Check me out: Streetnoodles Blog Post!

Okay I am wicked excited about this! (For those who are not New Englanders, "wicked" means "exceptionally excited")
I had posted on an Etsy thread concerning some blog topics and was contacting by the sweet and creative Ellen from Streetnoodles. Ellen creates handcrafted jewelry and runs a blog, where she features many different artists/crafters from all walks to life. Long story short, she asked if I would like to be a guest and I said yes!! Duh! lol I didn't actually say that last part...

Also, she created a great video of some of my work, from both Etsy and my official website that I had added at the bottom of my blog. Follow Ellen, get to know her and some other cool creative peeps! Plus, stay tuned because I created a special blog banner just for her :)

Badapapapa...I'm lovin' it!

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